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What is Hydrogeology?

Hydrogeology is the study of groundwater and spring water. Hydrogeology deals with how water gets into the ground (recharge), how it flows in the subsurface (through aquifers) and how groundwater interacts with the surrounding soil and rock (the geology). Hence hydrogeologists determine the origin of groundwater – spring water, interpret its quality and establish the protection plan of the aquifer.

AVATON Hydrosystem

The hydrogeological and hydrological research of the AVATON spring have been conducted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki of Greece in collaboration with a group of Universities and Institutes from European Union since 2018. The results of the research showed that AVATON natural mineral water originates from an artesian natural spring in an elevation of 800 meters above sea level in Mount Athos. The spring discharges from a Diorite fractured rock aquifer. The recharge of the spring is naturally obtained by snow melting and rainfall during the year. The spring is naturally protected by a dense chestnut forest. 

Scientists speak about our water

Publications in Scientific Conferences and Journals

Top ten reasons why AVATON water is Unique

  • Protected by Natura and UNESCO 
  • Absence of human activity in and near the hydrosystem
  • Hourly monitoring system for environment sustainability and water quality assurance
  • State of the art bottling infrastructures 
  • Low Total Dissolved Solids (T.D.S.)
  • Balanced concentration of valuable elements (e.g. Calcium (Ca+²), Magnesium (Mg+²))
  • Low content in Sodium (Na+)
  • Absence of harmful heavy metal and toxic elements 
  • Absence of Nitrate (NO₃¯), Nitrite (NO₂¯) and Ammonium (NH₄+)
  • Distinctive aftertaste
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