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AVATON water collection process is utilizing the natural spring flow. AVATON water taste and content is crafted by nature and nothing is added to ensure its pristine purity.

The unique origin

AVATON water originates from artesian springs at the Monastery Mountain of Mount Athos, an UNESCO world heritage site secluded from human civilization.

This remote rocky outcrop has been frozen in time after hundreds of years of isolation, protecting the purity of the land and its natural springs, keeping it fresh and unobstructed by the modern world.

The journey

AVATON water starts from the clouds, then falls onto a virgin forest via snow and rain. The water travels through fissured rocks and is naturally filtered and enriched with minerals. Then, AVATON emerges from below the surface in the form of springs.

Water Quality

According to scientists of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the quality of  AVATON water can be easily characterized as unique in a global scale due to the low electrical conductivity (110 μS/cm) and the balanced concentration of valuable elements, such as Calcium (Ca+²), Magnesium (Mg+²), Potassium (K+) and Bicarbonates (HCO₃¯). The enrichment of these elements is naturally obtained through the water-rock interaction, within the Diorite fractured rock aquifer.

Potential toxic elements and heavy metals such as Hexavalent Chromium, Arsenic and Boron are not detected within AVATON natural mineral water, due to the unique hydrogeological conditions and the absence of anthropogenic pollution sources. The absence of anthropogenic activities is also depicted from the absence of Nitrogen species, such as Nitrate (NO₃¯), Nitrite (NO₂¯)and Ammonium (NH₄+), in AVATON natural mineral Water.


Natural mineral water Low in sodium.
Suitable for a low-sodium diet.

pH (22°C)7,1
Conductivity (20°C)110  μS/cm
Total hardness27mg CaCO₃/L
Dry residue (180°C)90 mg/L
Anions (mg/l)Cations (mg/l)
Cl¯: < 1
HCO₃¯: 23
SO₄¯²: 9
NO₃¯: < 0,4
NO₂¯: < 0,03
Ca+²: 5.2
Mg+²: 3,6
Na+: 11,2
K+: 1,3
NH₄+: < 0,06

Chemical Analysis Aristotle University Thessaloniki

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