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The story​

How it all began

In the depths of the mountains of Agion Oros, one of the founders, Dimitrios Babakos, experienced a profound and deeply spiritual connection to the monastery of Simonopetra and the Elders there. Their lives
are ones of scarcity, humility and respect surrounded by nature and the divine.

At dusk, during the time of retreat and serenity, Elder Ioanikios requested him to change rooms.
This new room was adjacent to a rocky outcrop, steep and monumental, almost reaching for the sky.
Later on that night, and as a sign, he was awakened by the melodious dribble of water – a reminder that water is the omnipresent source of all Life and a moment in Time where clarity prevails.

He was immediately inspired to craft and create a superior brand; he would care for this pure water and share it with the world. In return, he would help the monastery fund and support its activities as well as other charitable causes. We called this brand AVATON – a unique and untouched water for exceptional individuals.

Mt. Athos an UNESCO
world heritage

Mount Athos is a hidden and undiscovered world, surrounded by the beauty of Greek mountains and drenched in the salt of the Aegean sea. Its mystery and mists shroud the mountains and monasteries of this UNESCO protected world heritage site; this land offers serenity and peaceful awareness. This remote rocky outcrop has been frozen in time after hundreds of years of isolation, protecting the purity of the land and its natural spring, keeping it fresh and unobstructed by the modern world. The contours and gradients of the ancient rocks, continue to work their magic; distilling and purifying this unique water.

May The Mountain
Reveal Its Mysteries

The best water is the purest, closest to nature, untouched by industrialisation or mankind. Mount Athos is a hidden undiscovered world, surrounded by the Aegean sea, its mystery and mists shrouding its mountains and monasteries. This remote rocky outcrop has been frozen in time by hundreds of years of isolation.
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